Its what we DO!



What We DO!!!
·         Helped a single mother of 3 maintain her apartment while looking for employment-stayed off evictions as well as assisted with next month’s rent
·         Helped a single mother of 6 find a home-assisted with Christmas two years in a row for her and her children
·         Helped a homeless handicapped man gain Social Security-manage his funds and purchase his needs-mentor him to practice good hygiene after living on streets-include in activities and projects
·         Assisted a number of clients with utility assistance
·         Helped another individual with a deposit she needed to pay for BGE
·         Assisted another family with furniture
·         Worked with attorney on staff to gain Social Security which has been previously denied for several individuals
·         Helped to secure Legal Advice for individual with criminal background in order to turn their life around
·         Provide food for many families during year and especially Thanksgiving and Christmas
·         Provide blankets and boxed lunches to homeless
·         Rehabbing Row house for some lucky family living on streets-will mentor back to healthy and productive lifestyle.
·         Offer abortion counseling, addiction counseling, grief counseling
·         Resources to place homeless with income-(bad or no credit)
·         Financial counseling
·         First time home buyers assistance

Many miscellaneous request comes in that we fill daily-ex. prescription assistance, transportation assistance to doctors or important appointments

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