May 2019   
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Third Project-Build It and They WIll Come

Build it and they will come!


The House That W.O.W. Built!!!!


Since our last article, Women of Worth have been very busy. Our program is growing in leaps and bounds.  The needs of our communities are huge and the programs are few and far between.  We must do something and we cannot wait!!!! So…………….here we go…. 


Just recently God has put this wonderful opportunity in our hands. A large house has become available in the Essex Area. This house can house up to 10 people. Awesome!!! It is currently equipped with 3 bathrooms. It has a large back yard and a sizable front yard, with a nice size front porch. But like everything else it comes with a price. Since our last article was printed in the East County Times, W.O.W. has had several organizations who have called offering their financial assistance. We are very appreciative and patiently wait for the process to begin. However, all of this takes time; precious time, which is of the essence. What is the old saying, "Time waits for no man"? This is even truer for the homeless. For those who are down and out. Time and people have a way of just passing these unfortunate ones by. Society continues on their everyday journey of life with no thought for their brothers and sisters. This is where W.O.W. can and will make a difference. For these people it has seemed for so long that there is no way out. There is really nobody that cares enough to get involved and the waiting list for housing through the system is sometimes 10 years long.


In our last article, we spoke about a homeless family of five that W.O.W. had taken under our wing. Since that article, the husband is now employed, the children are enrolled in school, and they have a temporary place to stay. This family will be the first into "The House That W.O.W. builds". The transition time for them will be 3-6 months. During this time they will also receive financial education and other mentoring that will assist them in living a healthy productive life once they are on their own.  A lot of these services have been donated from individuals who own businesses' and want to share in the experience.  Once the family or individual leaves our program W.O.W. will continue to be a part of their lives for as long as they need.  Our goal is to make sure they have all the tools necessary to be successful in living a normal, healthy and rewarding life.


W.O.W. needs the support of our community so we are putting this need out to all of you! We are reaching out to you individually as well as our business communities. We will provide the tools and the time, but we need financial support.  The bible tells us that Jesus spent a lot of time teaching his disciples not to forget the poor. He tells us that whatever we do unto them we have done unto him. With Jesus being the cornerstone of W.O.W's transitional house how can it fail???? So let's roll up our sleeves and get busy. 



If you should have any questions in regards to our current project, please feel free to ask or you could call Sheila Boller @ 410-804-8442 or Debra Gallio @ 410-262-0875.  If you prefer to email you can reach Sheila @ or Debra Gallio @ Please check out our website @






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